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Known Bugs

  • There is an issue in which the CrossCheck icon shows the correct classification of an article but clicking the popup says “could not find any data.” As a temporary fix, please close all Google Chrome windows and restart your browser.
  • Often multiple CrossCheck queries are used per page (refreshes, URL changes, etc). We are working on reducing CrossCheck query usage in future releases.
  • Sometimes queries fail on certain public WIFI networks.

Additional Notes and Limitations

  • Currently due to server costs and development time restrictions, we currently only CrossCheck content up to three days old. Unexpected results can occur for older content.
  • The extension may have a few seconds latency when CrossChecking. This is likely because we are updating our models at that given time.
  • We currently need to allow unsafe scripts on the related articles/analyze page in order to return the appropriate data to you. We do not send any sensitive or personal data on this page. We are actively working to add additional security measures to avoid this need in the future.

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