A better team than the ‘96 Bulls.

Jay Khurana


Jay has an extensive background in machine learning and neural nets, data visualization, and statistics developed from Brown University courses and four years of bioinformatics research at the NIH. Jay participated in Brown University's B-Lab Accelerator where he acquired critical business development skills including market research and developing and iterating a MVP.

Troy Middleton


Troy's background in mathematical finance and statistics enables him to develop intricate and well thought out financial models. Through working at an emerging biotech startup, Quadrant BioSciences, Troy also has advanced skill sets in business development, accounting, and securities regulatory compliance.

Connor Cowden

Lead Designer

Connor is a recent graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, where he earned a BFA in Graphic Design. He has worked in both a freelance and in-house capacity for entities including Hachette Booke Group, Hyperakt, and Brown university. Connor brings enthusiasm for contemporary User Interface design, coupled with a desire to push the boundaries of traditional tech start-up aesthetics.

Franklin Young

Marketing + PR

Franklin worked as a campaign manager in Georgia and has developed expansive organizational and message building skills alongside the ability understanding of customer concerns, desires, and expectations. Franklin held multiple leadership positions at Brown University in left-leaning and right-leaning student groups and strives to continuously burst his information bubble.

Felix Merk

Lead Developer

Felix has extensive experience creating lean and performant systems and writing efficient code. His past employers include the European Bank and Facebook where he worked on critical internal and user-facing projects. He enjoys innovating on new ideas and projects at Hackathons and also speaks five languages.

Our advisors could beat up your advisors.

Jon Klein


Don Stanford


John Jannotti

Brown CS + Foodler

Ralph Acosta


Kristopher Brown

Dechert LLP

Jason Harry

Brown Entrepreneurship

Lawyers + Consultants

Robert deBrauwere

Legal Counsel

Digital IP

Mike Campoli

Legal Counsel


Jeffery Snow

Legal Counsel

Patent Litigation

Joshua Zuckerberg

Legal Counsel

Labor + Employment

Lydia Vercelli

Legal Counsel

Anchin, Block & Anchin LLP

Stephen Plattman

Legal Counsel

Anchin, Block & Anchin LLP

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