A better team than the ‘96 Bulls.

Jay Khurana


In Jay’s mind everything can be simplified to numbers, probabilities and machine learning. In his spare time Jay enjoys playing tennis and aifsoft and received an education at Brown University.

Troy Middleton


Money. Troy loves to find ways to make more of it, legally of course. When alone Troy can be found in a basement playing League of Legends or Dungeons and Dragons. Troy attended Hofstra University and studied Mathematical Finance.

Connor Cowden

Lead Designer

A NYC lifer, Connor is never done exploring the city yet alone let alone the world. Connor let’s his creative passions fly in a variety of settings, including art. He graduated from RISD with a degree in Graphic Design

Franklin Young

Marketing + PR

Franklin is a Jacksonville, Florida Native and brings his passion for working with people to CrossCheck. Franklin studied political science at Brown University

Felix Merk

Lead Developer

Fortunately for CrossCheck, Felix loves to code. In his spare time you can find Felix piloting an aircraft, swimming, or playing DOTA. Felix studied Computer Science at Brown University

Our advisors could beat up your advisors.

Jon Klein


Don Stanford


John Jannotti

Brown CS + Foodler

Ralph Acosta


Kristopher Brown

Dechert LLP

Jason Harry

Brown Entrepreneurship

Lawyers + Consultants

Robert deBrauwere

Legal Counsel

Digital IP

Mike Campoli

Legal Counsel


Jeffery Snow

Legal Counsel

Patent Litigation

Joshua Zuckerberg

Legal Counsel

Labor + Employment

Lydia Vercelli

Legal Counsel

Anchin, Block & Anchin LLP

Stephen Plattman

Legal Counsel

Anchin, Block & Anchin LLP

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